Agency and Services

VILLA HOPE is a non-profit, fully accredited and state licensed child-placing agency. VILLA HOPE was the first licensed ‘international adoption’ agency in the State of Alabama. We have been licensed since 1988 and are Hague Accredited by the Council on Accreditation, Inc. (COA). We are also an active member of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services.

VILLA HOPE has established programs in Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe. We are dedicated to providing services to qualified families throughout the United States. VILLA HOPE is dedicated to the principle that every child deserves the security of a loving, permanent family and every potential adoptive parent deserves comprehensive adoption services. VILLA HOPE also provides international and domestic home study and post-placement services to residents of the State of Alabama.

We are excited about the opportunity to assist you in your efforts to build your family through adoption. Whether you are just curious or anticipating the arrival of a child in your home, we hope we can make your journey through this process a meaningful one.

Much flexibility, patience, and paperwork will be required in the days ahead. We encourage you to persevere in your pursuit of becoming a ìforever familyî through the joy of adoption. VILLA HOPE was founded and IS staffed by adoptive parents and advocates for orphans. We are here to help you through the challenges, anxiety and excitement of the adoption journey.

If you would like to apply for adoption services from Villa Hope you can find the application in the Downloadable Forms Section of our webstie. Please submit this application to our office with the $300 application fee (non-refundable). After we process your application, we will contact you to schedule an information/orientation meeting to begin your adoption journey and discuss our programs in detail.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call our Birmingham office. Our office hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday.

We look forward working with you through this exciting time in your life! Welcome to the wonderful JOURNEY OF ADOPTION!

PHONE: 205.870.7359 or 866.261.7359

General Requirements for Adoptive Applicants

AGE: Applicants must be at least 25 years old. The age requirements of the foreign country will also be taken into consideration.

SINGLE PERSONS: Single applicants must be either unmarried or legally divorced. The foreign country may determine the number of divorces permitted (varies by country).

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Most foreign countries will only accept applicants from heterosexual couples and heterosexual individuals.

OTHER CHILDREN IN THE FAMILY: This requirement is determined by the policy of the foreign country.

MARRIAGE: Married applicants must be married a minimum of 1 year. Some foreign countries have longer marriage requirements, which also must be met. If previous marriages have occurred, divorce or death certificates / decree must be presented.

MOTIVATION: Motivation for adoption will be investigated as part of the home study process.

FINANCIAL STABILITY: USCIS requires that a family’s income be at least 125% above poverty level. Some foreign countries have additional financial requirements.

EMPLOYMENT: Applications are accepted from families in which both parents are employed outside the home. Some adoptive children need a parent to remain at home for a reasonable period of time to ensure proper adjustment and attachment.

The future employment plans of adoptive parent(s) will be discussed during the home study process. If both applicants plan to continue outside employment, specific information will be needed regarding childcare plans.

INFERTILITY: VILLA HOPE does not require infertility to be approved as an adoptive parent. Some foreign countries do have such a policy while other countries do not hold an infertility requirement policy.

HEALTH: VILLA HOPE requires medical reports on all family members indicating that members are in good health and free of infectious or contagious disease. If specific physical, mental, or emotional health problems exist, a separate letter is required from the treating physician. This letter must recommend the applicant as an appropriate adoptive parent.

ASSURANCE OF MEDICAL TREATMENT: VILLA HOPE must have assurance that the adoptive parents are willing to provide medical treatment as recommended by a legally licensed physician. Applicants are required to provide proof of health insurance for an adopted child.

RELIGION: Applications are accepted by persons of any religious faith. Children should have parents who can give them an opportunity for spiritual and ethical development.

CITIZENSHIP: At least one spouse must be a citizen of the United States.

CONVICTIONS: All members of the household, ages 14-80, are required to complete background checks. Past arrests or convictions may impact you ability to adopt or disqualify you from certain programs.